Matthew Cornwell


Whats New
Our spy comedy pilot Roger, Espionager, will premiere on July 15th in Los Angeles at the Micheaux Film Festival. It's been a long road to this point, and we're so excited!
I was interviewed in early June for an article on "How to Become an Actor in Atlanta". I hope I represented the city well! Here is a link to read the full article. Enjoy!
The Lifetime TV movie Buried in Barstow premiered tonight at 8pm EST. You can find it on Amazon Prime Video to rent or buy, or possibly still on Lifetime.
This year, I decided to join my friends Mike & Steven for the Murph Challenge on Memorial Day. I only had 3 weeks to train, as I was recovering from getting my gallbladder removed in April. That said, I only did a 10-lb vest. It was gruesome, but satisfying!